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This sleigh-style model has a reclining back and side panels on the chair and ottoman bases with a great wainscotting look. Some consider this a safety feature. It does camouflage the mechanism more than the spindle-sided bases. The reclining back is terrific for folks who want to glide themselves into a refreshing nap, or sleep with a touchy baby through the night. We stock these chairs with the multiposition lock mechanism. This feature lets you lock the chair (blocking the glide) so that someone who doesn't enjoy the motion can still enjoy the chair or for work or reading that requires steady hands or to stablize the chair for greater ease getting in and out. It's also great if you move the chair or if the kids are getting too rambunctious. Adding to the appeal of this model is our exclusive cushion set--"comfort plus" pads with pockets under the arms. Of course the ottoman glides as well. These gliders are easy to ship anywhere via FedEx.

We also stock a bigger sleighback.




Dimensions: 28.5"w x 31"d (upright) or 40"d (reclined) x 43"h. Seat height 20.5", inside seat width 18", seat depth 21". Swivel base adds about 1" to height. Ottoman: 18.5"w x 19.5"d x 15.5"h.

We stock these chairs: Reclining Multiposition Maple Swivel chairs and matching ottomans in Royal Cherry (01), Natural (03), White (10), Black (15), Walnut (16), "Oak on maple" (18), Flat White (22), "Euro" natural (25), Distressed White (26), "Pine" (44), New Cognac (76), and Espresso (79). Cushion sets on hand include the most popular fabrics and microfibres.

Please view fabrics and finishes here.

Special order (lead-time 2 months): Maple chairs without multiposition and/or without recline in all the finishes above. Some additional fabrics are available by special order. You can also have this style made up in your own fabric: C.O.M. (Customer's Own Material) requires 3 3/4 yards of fabric (54" width) for the chair, 1 yard for the ottoman; surcharge of $50 chair, $15 ottoman.

Warranty: Lifetime on bearings and decking (support under seat pad), otherwise one year.

Shipping: Rate C+B.


$699 reclining, locking, swiveling chair with our exclusive "comfort plus" cushions.

$189 regular gliding ottoman with pad. A wainscotted "nursing" ottoman is also available for $219.

For models without multiposition lock subtract $50 (chair).

For models without reclining back subtract $80 (chair).

For models without swivel subtract $80 (chair).

Frame Only (reclining, locking, swiveling): $625 chair, $170 regular gliding ottoman. Cushions Only: $175 chair set, $50 ottoman pad.

Style Codes: 909130-(finish)-(fabric)+, nursing gliding ottoman 909196-(finish)-(fabric).

909130-22-3016+ Reclined

909130 in walnut with moss microfibre


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