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AvantGlide is the division within Dutailier charged with creating the most luxurious ergonomic gliders in the world. Six of the twelve models, including the Paris, recline with a beautifully engineered mechanism that is secure at any point in its range yet effortless to operate. They utilize a self-locking nitrogen cylinder. All twelve models swivel and glide in the apparently friction-free realm of Dutailier. All twelve models have ergonomically sophisticated head and lumbar support. They all come with the gliding, ergonomically angled, ottoman that distributes weight all along the calves rather than on your heels. Six of the models combine maple in various finishes with leather (or microfibre fabric) and steel. And they can be shipped economically.

In one respect the Paris stands alone: it has those beautifully sweeping exposed wood arms. The extra-large Paris is about 4" wider and 2" higher than the regular size. We stock them both. We stock our AvantGlides with an additional feature--the multiposition lock that allows you to restrain the gliding mechanism when you feel like doing so.


Dimensions: Regular size 26"w x 31"d (upright) x 40"h. Back height 27", seat height 18.5", seat depth 19", inside seat width 19". Extra-large size 30"w x 33"d (upright) x 42"h. Back height 29", seat height 18.5", seat depth 19", inside seat width 23". Footstool (same for both): 17 1/2"w x 18 1/2"d x16"h.

We stock the Paris in both sizes in all four finishes with a wide variety of leathers and microfibre fabrics. Please call us for current stock.

View the finishes, leathers, and microfibre fabrics.

Warranty: Lifetime on bearings and decking (support under seat pad), otherwise one year.

Shipping: Common Carrier.


$1449 regular size in leather with multiposition lock (including gliding ottoman)

$1599 extra-large size in leather with multiposition lock (including gliding ottoman)

In microfibre fabrics rather than leather subtract $100.

Without leather-matching vinyl (under arms, on back, on sides of ottoman) add $150.

Style Codes: Regular Paris with lock is #2158. Extra-large Paris with lock is #2168.

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