Bentwood Rocking Chair - honey oak finish, cane seat and back


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The bentwood rocker was invented by the Thonet brothers of Vienna, Austria in the late 19th century. These are knockoffs (faux-nets?), quite inexpensive. You can call it homage or travesty, as you please. The chairs have an extremely deep rock, some people love it. It can be difficult for others to get in and out of the deep, low, seat (not recommended for anyone holding a baby). The versions that are currently being made will not hold up as well as hand-woven ones. (We would love to stock higher quality versions but these ones have priced them out of existence.) Assembly is required (it takes about half an hour with a phillips screwdriver). We stock this model in the honey oak, walnut, and white finishes. We also have children's bentwoods (here).

Dimensions: 38"h x 21.5"w x 35"d.

We Stock the walnut finish, the honey oak finish, and the white paint--all with cane seat and back.

Warranty: 30 days.

Shipping: Rate AA (flat kit, or fully assembled at Common Carrier rate).


Style Codes: Walnut finish with cane seat and back is #201-W, the Honey oak finish with cane seat and back is #201-O, the White paint with natural cane seat and back is #201-White.

Bentwood Rocking Chair - walnut finish - cane seat and back

White Bentwood Rocking Chair (natural cane seat and back)

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