Classic Cushion Set ("canvas") on J300-F

Cushion Sets

Classic Cushion Colors


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We stock these cushion sets in these colors. They sell for $89 per set. Single pads (seat or back) are $50. Other colors are available on a special order basis. We can also have these sets made up with your own fabric (requires 2 yards of 54" wide fabric, costs $25 extra).

The seat pads are 19" deep by 20" wide at the front, 17.5" wide at the back, and about 2" thick. They have ties at the back. The back pads are 21" high by 17" wide and about 1" thick. They have ties at the top.

These are very comfortable pads that are not so thick as to disturb the proper balance of the chair. The manufacturer recommends spot cleaning rather than machine washing.

The colors in the photo are (from left to right) natural white, canvas, buttercup, forest, burgundy, navy, and black.


Shipping rate A.

We still have some cushion sets in a discontinued style we used to stock.

We also have other cushion sets specifically designed for gliders.