Dutailier Fabrics


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These Dutailier fabrics (and the ones on the linked pages) are the ones we are most likely to have in stock as cushion sets for various models. We can order any of the current fabrics and give you loaner cushions to use in the meantime so don't feel limited to these fabrics. We can also have custom cushions made up with your own fabric ("C.O.M.").

In viewing these jpegs please keep in mind that they are mere suggestions of the fabrics themselves. So don't be shy about asking us for swatches of the fabrics that appeal to you. Your monitor is giving you, at best, a rough idea of what the fabric is like in terms of color, weight, and texture. The leathers and microfibres are way down at the bottom of the page.

fabric 133

fabric 223 - chambray

fabric 512 - denim

fabric 3009 (or 5142)

fabric 3007

click here for more twills, smooth fabrics

fabric 424

fabric 428

fabric 5007

fabric 4024

fabric 4027

fabric 4020

click here for more jacquards, brocades

fabric 496

fabric 497

fabric 3011

fabric 5049

click here for more checks

fabric 3076

fabric 3077

fabric 1097

fabric 3018

fabric 3019

fabric 3022

fabric 5001

fabric 5100

click here for more chenilles, plush, soft fabrics

fabric 3017

fabric 525

fabric 4037

fabric 4035 - red toille

fabric 3080

click here for more prints, stripes, toiles

fabric 530

fabric 4029

fabric 4030

fabric 5023

fabric 5042

fabric 5044

fabric 5045


Microfibre Fabrics (additional charges of $80/chair, $20/ottoman)

Sand Microfibre (52/4039m)

Sand microfibre #4039m

Moss/Sage Microfibre (57/4041m)

Moss microfibre #4041m

click here for more microfibres


Leather (available and in stock on some models, significantly more expensive)

 Green Leather #13K

Green leather #13K

Black Leather #16K

Black Leather #16K

 Ivory Leather #17K

Ivory Leather #17K

 Oxblood Leather #652K

Oxblood Leather #652K


New Saddle Brown Leather #653K

Saddle Brown Leather #653K



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