Rolled Arm Recliner - 303126-18-12 (AKA "Dolce")

Square Arm Recliner - 301126-18-16 (AKA "Cadenza")


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These may look like typical club chairs but they aren't--they glide. They also recline and are the first Dutailier gliders to have an integrated footrest. Dutailier calls them "comfort recliners". These chairs only glide when the footrest is tucked down and away. A lever hidden beside the seat pad locks the glide for reclining with the footrest up. The chairs lay back farther than any other reclining gliders. Choose from a terrific variety of leathers and microfibre fabrics in concert with five finish options for the feet.

The style with the rolled arms (AKA "Dolce", top left) has a somewhat higher headrest than the square arm style (AKA "Cadenza", top right). The sharp arm style (AKA "Intermezzo", below) is also proving to be very popular with our customers. All three styles are excellent, large, and opulent chairs for a home theater. They are supremely comfortable, look great, glide the way you expect a Dutailier to glide, and take up less space than the typical glider and ottoman set. Two other styles are also available (see bottom of page) but we like these three best.

302126 "Sharp Arm" (AKA "Intermezzo")



Rolled Arm Style (303126): 42"h x 36"w x 38"d (up) or 63"d (fully reclined). Seat height 20", seat depth 19.5", inside seat width tapers from 21.5" at front to 21" at rear. Arms are 7.5"w.

Square Arm Style (301126): 41"h x 34.5"w x 39"d (up) or 65"d (fully reclined). Seat height 20", seat depth 20", inside seat width tapers from 24" at front to 22" at rear. Arms are 5.5"w.

Sharp Arm Style (302126): 39.5"h x 34"w x 33"d (up) or 63"d (fully reclined). Seat height 18.5", seat depth 20.5", inside seat width tapers from 20.5" at front to 19" at rear. Arms are 7" wide.

Deco Style ("Adagio" 304126, below left): 41"h x 33"w x 35"d (up) or 63"d (fully reclined). Seat depth 20". Distance between arms 19.5".

We stock these chairs in a wide variety of leathers and microfibre fabrics. Please call us for current stock.

View the leathers, microfibre fabrics, and wood finishes (same as for our AvantGlides) Plus one more finish option: Espresso (79, almost black).

Warranty: Lifetime on bearings and decking (support under seat pad), otherwise one year.

Shipping: Common Carrier (we ship these chairs fully assembled except for the back that slides on quite easily).


$1199 in leather (note: there is leather-matching vinyl on back and lower sides).

In microfibre fabric rather than leather subtract $100.

For all leather add $200.

Style Codes: Rolled Arm is 303126-(finish)-(leather/microfibre). Square Arm is 301126-(finish)-(leather/microfibre). Sharp Arm is 302126-(finish)-(leather/microfibre).

301126-18-16 reclined


303126-18-12 reclined


304126 "Deco" (AKA "Adagio")

305126 "Wingback" (AKA "Melodia")

Michelle & John Comfortably Reclined


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