Trail Creek Rocker - cherry


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Too beautiful for a chair? Too comfortable for a sculpture? Who says you can't have it all. Kevin Gray makes this chair by hand in Idaho. It is our special variant on his Trail Creek design. Exquisitely balanced, in appearance and in motion, the rocker is available in cherry, walnut, maple, or combinations. The heavy crown piece has a fantastic effect on the dynamics of the rock. Kevin selects the raw wood with an eye toward the ultimate look and, particularly in cherry, the grain becomes more and more beautiful as it darkens from exposure to sunlight.

Dimensions: 40.25"h x 25"w x 39.5"d. Seat height 17", inside seat depth 17.75", inside seat width 21" (front), 16" (rear).

We try to keep the rocker in stock in Cherry and Walnut.

Special order: Maple, Combinations (e.g. Walnut with Maple spindles), some other woods by request. Custom dimensions are possible within limits (although not recommended due to the difficulty in maintaining the proper balance). Lead-time: 4 months.

Warranty: 20 years.

Shipping: Common carrier (fully assembled).


Style code: Trail Creek-(wood)


Click here for Kevin's statement about his work.

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